Why A Pediatric Dentist + How We Are Special

Why A Pediatric Dentist + How We Are Special

Why A Pediatric Dentist​

Dental Specialists to Meet Your Special Child’s Dental Needs.

What’s so special about our team? Just about everything! We’ve created a team of professionals who are skilled at delivering outstanding, leading-edge care with a gentle, reassuring touch. From our talented pediatric dentists and orthodontists to our friendly clinical and front office staff members, our team is dedicated to make your child’s time with us the foundation for a lifetime of great dental health.

In addition to staying up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies, our professionals are adept at understanding and meeting a child’s need and concerns. In fact, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised how far the “care” in dental care has come since you were a kid.

To give your child the best care, we recommend they see a pediatric dentist or pedodontist which is the dental equivalent of a pediatrician. They are children’s dental specialists with years of extra training and experience in the treatment of children’s dental needs. In addition to extensive clinical training, pediatric dentist have training that helps them deal with children’s mental and emotional concerns about dental treatments.

After graduation from dental school, a pediatric dentist continues for two or three years of specialized, hands-on training, gaining a wide range of expertise that includes understanding a child’s oral growth and managing dental emergencies in children. They are adept in the different ways kids need to be handled at different stages in their growth, and enjoy helping kids feel calm and assured when they come to Children’s Dental. You can depend on the pediatric dentists at Children’s Dental to bring out the smiles in every young person in your family.

How We Are Special

A Little Children’s Dental Can Last A Lifetime

When kids enjoy their visit to the dentist, they’re happy to come back and motivated to build good dental habits at home – all of which leads to a lifetime of great dental health and beautiful smiles. That’s the goal of everything we do at Children’s Dental. Our friendly, comfortable office and talented professionals make just the right care team for kids and their parents.

We Love Parents – And Their Kids

At Children’s Dental, VIP stands for Very Important Parents. You’re the key to your child’s good oral health, and we’ll help you be great at it—especially if you’re a new parent. A child’s dental needs change as they reach each stage of growth. So whether you’ve got a teething toddler, a precious preschooler, a tenacious ten year old or a teen idol, we’re here to take you step-by-step through every stage of keeping your son or daughter smiling.

Technology At Your Service

We’ve outfitted our office with some amazingly advanced technology, including digital x-rays that keep radiation to a minimum, and intraoral cameras small enough for a child’s mouth. That way, you, your child and your dentist can see exactly what’s going on with your child’s teeth and gums. With clear pictures and some astoundingly advanced software, we can prevent problems or spot them early, when they’re easiest to treat.

Children’s Dental Is All About Convenience and Affordability

At Children’s Dental, we respect the fact that parenting takes lots of flexibility. So we offer morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday hours as well as same-day appointments and emergency care. Along with accepting most dental insurance, we also have a range of flexible, family-friendly payment options, money-saving offers and special programs for patients without dental insurance.