Periodontists in Cerritos, CA

Periodontists in Cerritos, CA, Working with Our Dentists

Maintaining proper oral health is about more than simply caring for your teeth; it’s about tending to the needs of your gums as well. Whether you’re suffering from periodontitis or are a little concerned about the state of your gums, you’ve come to the right place. Children’s Dental Building offers a number of diagnostic, preventative, and treatment services in this field. All of them are performed by experienced periodontists in Cerritos, CA, to maximize results and minimize risks and side effects.

Taking care of your teeth is often the best way to prevent gum disease since it tends to occur when too much calculus builds up under the gum line. The disease, in turn, leads to tooth loss, so you can’t have healthy teeth without healthy gums and vice versa. That’s why the staff at our practice includes both dentists and periodontists. We check both parts of your mouth at each visit and work with you to prevent painful problems and an unattractive smile. Some methods of prevention and treatment are:

  • Not Smoking
  • Regular Brushing
  • Regular Flossing
  • Additional Cleanings
  • Prescription Mouthwash
  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Enzyme Suppressants
  • Flap Surgeries
  • Tissue or Bone Grafts
  • Deep Cleaning Under the Gum Line

Answering Your Questions in Simple Terms

The periodontists at Children’s Dental Building understand that you may have questions about gum disease and its impact on your overall oral health. That’s why we take the time to evaluate your condition thoroughly and offer you the treatment or follow-up care options that best meet your needs. We’re committed not only to the health of your gums but to your oral health as a whole. Whether you’re concerned about a potential problem or are already dealing with disease, our office is the place you want to be.

Untreated gum problems can escalate quickly, so don’t put off a visit to Children’s Dental Building. We take appointments for children and adults, treating both with the gentle expertise you’d expect. Be sure to let us know if you’ve noticed any of the following issues:

  • Receding Gums
  • Inflamed or Swollen Gums
  • Bleeding or Sensitive Gums
  • Pain When Chewing
  • Constant Bad Breath
  • Loose Teeth

Oral Surgery Is Available When Necessary

The ideal strategy for oral health is regular visits to our dentists and periodontists, but sometimes a disease may be even beyond them. If that is the case; we have an oral surgeon who can provide the necessary treatment. Schedule a consultation with our office to start your recovery.CTA: Contact us to make the first step toward gum and oral health for your child or yourself. We welcome appointments for patients of all ages from Cerritos, Artesia, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, and Bellflower, California.