Children’s Dentistry in Cerritos/Artesia, CA

Children’s Dentistry in Cerritos/Artesia, CA

Children’s Dentistry in Cerritos/Artesia, CA

Children’s Dentistry in Cerritos/Artesia, CA

From Our Pediatric Dentists in Cerritos/Artesia, CA:

Here at Children’s Dental Building, we’ve been protecting precious smiles for over 38 years. Your child will have their own children’s dentist in Cerritos, CA, and can visit our famous brush and floss theater. We do everything possible to ensure their first visit is fantastic, including bite-size payment plans and gentle care practices. They’ll love friendly dentists and look forward to coming back.

Our pediatric dental treatments include:

  • Routine Checkups and Exams
  • Preventative Dental Care
  • Dental Fillings 
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Teen Braces

FAQ by Parents before the Dental Visits

Nothing is more important than your child’s health, so we understand you probably have a lot of questions for us. You’re welcome to talk to our staff, but to save you time, we’ve compiled the answers to some of our most common questions below.

When Should I Bring in My Child for Their First Dental Visit?

We’re passionate about children’s dentistry and encourage you to bring your child for their first check-up when they are 2 years old. If you notice any tooth decay, or if your child bumps a tooth, please come into the office immediately. One toothache is one too many.

Once you arrive, we make your child feel better quickly with fewer tears. No appointment is necessary, as our children’s dentist welcomes walk-in appointments and is open 6 days a week with evening and Saturday hours.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Braces?

The best way to know is to bring in your child for one of our pediatric dentists and orthodontist to review their specific case. By taking a complete set of dental x-rays and with a free orthodontic evaluation, we can determine the best course of action. Call or text us at 562-924-4401 today to schedule an appointment.

Does My Child Need to Be Put to Sleep for Dental Treatment?

We can use a local anesthetic, so your child does not need to be put to sleep for dental treatment.

If My Child Has Special Needs, Do They Have to Be Seen at a Hospital?

Our children’s dentist treats all special needs patients. Those with Autism and Downs Syndrome do not require hospital sedation at Children’s Dental Building. Please call to schedule an appointment and let our staff know of your specific requirements. If you know of a special needs patient, please let their parents or caretakers know that we’re here to help them with their dental care.

Contact us to jump start a lifetime of oral health for your kids. Children’s Dental Building is convenient for residents of Cerritos, Artesia, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, and Bellflower, California, and surrounding neighborhoods.