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A Message from Dr. Brown

Thank you for 38 years of your trust and support. I am honored to have treated four generations. My simple dental philosophy has been more smiles and less tears. By protecting precious smiles with our bite size payment plan, we have been able to offer affordable dental care for the entire family for the past four decades. Our amazing orthodontics practice with D. Crawford are here to help you determine if you need braces. Each patient's smile is unique and special we're here to make sure that you achieve an amazing smile that you can afford. Call us today to schedule a free braces consultation.


Q. How do I know if my child needs braces?

Please call us for your free braces evaluation. Dr. Crawford will review your child's case and will help you make an educated decision if your child needs braces to straighten their teeth.

Q. How much do braces cost and can I afford it?

Each case is based on the term and type of treatment required. Since we offer a free braces consultation, please come in and we can review and determine the most cost effective method of treatment. We also offer our bite size payment plan and are here to help you and your child realize that million dollar smile!

Q. Will braces hurt?

We are here to offer more smiles and less tears. With the latest ortho procedures and over 38 years of dental experience, we're going to make sure that smile is painless. We also will make sure that your treatment is comfortable and relaxing throughout each visit.